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In "Every Day is Day One," I use the approach championed by Amazon to help startup leaders create a vibrant and responsive culture in their own organizations, no matter their size. Learn from my hands-on experience as I built GeoTechVision into a respected international brand. Find out how to stay ahead, avoid stagnation, and keep your team motivated and innovative every day.

"Hills and Valleys: Poems and Resilience" takes you on a journey through the human spirit during the rough COVID years. Through poetry, I share personal reflections on the highs and lows experienced during this period, offering hope and showcasing the strength of human resilience. It’s an invitation to explore a spectrum of emotions, all while finding strength in adversity.

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Originating from Dias Hanover, Jamaica, I'm a geospatial scientist, business consultant, published author, and engaging public speaker on a mission to lead the Caribbean towards a vibrant and inclusive digital future.

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